The Case Of The Mysterious Gym Selfie: Dear Betch

Hey Betches,

Explain this one to me. We met on bumble, were making plans to meet up, I have a busy schedule and finally had a free night. And suddenly he’s into someone else? What? You sent me a douche gym selfie the day before! I’m sad to say this is not the first time this exact scenario has occurred. I’m just not trying to waste anymore of my time on this nonsense again.

gym selfie

Dear Weirdo,

Let’s tackle this one issue at a time. First of all: huh?? What could he mean by “Hey I’m sorry, I don’t want to string you along. I think I’ve found someone who I like that I am connecting with really well.” Hmm, I wonder what he could be trying to say with this? Definitely not that he met someone else and is giving you the decency of trying to be upfront. Def not. If I was the Head Pro rn I’m sure I’d be like, “Women. They say they want you to be honest and then when you are honest they hate it. Females, amiright?” but I’m not the Head Pro so consider yourself lucky. 

The takeaway is he’s not into you so consider this a bullet dodged! Any guy who sends you a shirtless selfie is obviously a douchebag. Not to mention, if you’re gonna send a shirtless selfie you should at least be rocking a 6-pack. No one wants a shirtless dad bod selfie, you fucking amateur. Also, what are you doing with your other hand? Are you waving?? Honestly I wonder if he was too ashamed to meet you after having sent this very perplexing, very lame photo. I would not be surprised.

Finally, has this EXACT scenario really played out MULTIPLE times? If so, wtf is wrong with you? Are you literally asking for it? Maybe all these dudes are sending you selfies then running for the hills because you’re sending aggressive texts like “Meet me tomorrow night.” My bad for asking more questions than I answered here, but the bottom line is there’s something wrong with this dude for thinking that selfie was a good seduction technique, BUT there’s something wrong with you if this keeps happening to you, AND ESPECIALLY if that selfie didn’t scare you off. 

God help you both, 

The Betches


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