Dear Betch, Is It Trashy To Ask A Guy For A Dick Pic?

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Dear Betches,

I was recently out of town on business and met a really hot guy. We totally hit it off and spent a week talking on the phone and texting. We were planning on meeting half way between our two cities and hooking up, but I cancelled before we made definite plans because it wasn’t really worth the effort. He understood but was disappointed, and so was I because I was looking forward to getting laid. After I cancelled I asked him if he would “send me pictures of what I’m missing out on” aka dick pics. He replied with a text, “are you kidding me?” and that is last I have heard from him.

Betches, was asking for dick pics trashy or betchy? Was it inappropriate? Should I have asked in a more polite way?

Peacock Lover


OK Katy Perry,

Peacock Katy Perry

Yeah, you’re a fucking weirdo. You cancelled plans to fuck and then asked for a dick pic because you got FOMO? That’s strange. There is no “polite” way to ask for a dick pic, probably because no woman on Earth has ever asked a stranger for a dick pic before, so congrats.

You could try porn (or Sears),

The Betches


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