Is Deadpool Going To Host SNL Anytime Soon?

Nerds the world over want Deadpool (the fictional Marvel character played by Ryan Reynolds in the new movie Deadpool) to host SNL. Some dude named Andrew Stege, who I can only presume is the self-appointed Lord of the Nerds, put together a petition imploring people to sign so that he could submit 75,000 signatures to Lorne Michaels.

Sidenote: A majority of the petitions are about as bad as GoFundMe pages and they need to stop.

Anyway. Assuming Lorne Michaels GAF (truly doubt it), we could be seeing Deadpool host SNL soon.

Just to clarify: not Ryan Reynolds…Deadpool. Still talking about the fictional character. It’s confusing, I know. I mean, as much as I want to watch Ryan Reynolds in a red spandex suit for an hour and a half, how would that even work? Like, typically the host participates in a number of skits…would they just put a bunch of different wigs on over the Deadpool mask and call  it a night? Would they just have Deadpool play Deadpool? I don’t think anybody really thought this through.

Ryan Reynolds, being the perfect and hilarious human that he is, took to social media in response to the petition. He made a “backstage rant” video shitting on Lorne Michaels, with many Kanye references thrown in.

See what he did there?

No word yet on whether or not this will actually happen, but the signatures are at 74,844 as of right now. SNL‘s people have yet to make a comment, but you can still show your support by signing the petition here

Now I’m just waiting for the inevitable “Deadpool for President 2016” shit to begin.


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