Friend Group Casually Finds Dead Body in Their Paris Airbnb

Talk about a vacay buzzkill. French police are currently investigating the death of a woman whose dead body was found by a group of friends just trying to enjoy that garden of their sick (literally) Airbnb. The gang found the body decomposing under some leaves in the back corner of the Airbnb, probably while trying to drunkenly explore the property. Needless to say, their afternoon trip to the Louvre had to be rescheduled. 

According to Bertrand Daillie, the appropriately French-sounding Deputy Prosecutor on this case, the body was covered in tree branches which had been deliberately placed there to conceal it—clearly without any understanding of spring breakers’ desire to explore their new place. According to Dallie, the Airbnb-ers in question had only rented the house for the weekend (which was ruined) and the listing was removed from Airbnb (thank god) on Sunday.

I guess we should all start reconsidering hostels? 


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