Why We DGAF About Daylight Savings Time

Betches don’t care about time. We only look at the clock when we’re waiting for an online Moschino sample sale to start or when we’re counting down till noon for Soul Cycle signups. So, naturally, a minor time change twice a year doesn’t seem to faze us.

For those of you who don’t own a calendar (because honestly who does?), the clocks will be turned back one hour starting this Saturday night at 2AM for daylight savings, and unless you’re chill enough to live in Arizona or Hawaii, you’ll turn back your clocks too. But while the rest of boring America complains about how much that one-hour difference affects our bodies and how depressing it is that it gets dark by 4PM, betches DGAF. Don’t get me wrong—betches love to complain, but the bad things about daylight savings just don’t really apply to us, and here’s why:

Everyone’s pretty happy about getting that extra hour to party on Halloween, but then they complain that the added hour of sleep messes with our internal clocks the rest of the week. Like, are you seriously complaining about getting more sleep? Betches don’t take this concern too seriously because we’re pretty good at adapting to changing sleep cycles. We’ll take a red-eye back to the city after a three-day hangover and still show up (somewhat) on time for brunch that day.

People also hate the time change because it starts getting darker earlier. Once again, who cares? We don’t leave the house till like at least eleven, when it’s dark anyway, so why does it matter that it gets dark earlier? We live in 2015. We can turn on the lights, duh.

So, this Saturday, when people complain about Daylight Savings, roll your eyes and take another shot. You have all day to sleep the next day, and the day after that too. Plus, are people forgetting that our iPhone clocks change automatically? Our phones can deal with the time change in the same way our Uber driver deals with traffic. We’ll just be sitting in the backseat with our sleep masks on.  


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