Dating Red Flags: A Comprehensive List of Non-Negotiables

Sometimes its hard to decide whether the fact that a guy is still rocking a LIVESTRONG bracelet is endearing or if its somehow indicative of his total lack of social skills. Sadly, its probably the latter. It’s too bad because he’s probably good-looking from far away and genuinely nice. But let’s be honest, describing a guy as “nice” is code for “has no other redeeming qualities.” Here is a compilation of warning signs, or red flags that very strongly suggest that a dude is a straight up weirdo and should get a one way ticket onto your no-fly list.

In no particular order:

1.      Vegetarianism
2.      Wearing headphones inside at inappropriate times (especially noise cancelling ones)
3.      Puka shell necklaces

4.      Overuse of non-sarcastic emojis
5.      Pea coats (not as bad if they're grown up/employed)
6.      Fedoras (duh)
7.      White rimmed sunglasses
8.      Failure to participate or take active interest in sports

9.      Wearing sneakers you’d wear to the gym with an outfit you wouldn’t wear to the gym
10.    Diet drinks
11.    Having a cat
12.    Flip phones (exception for drug dealers)
13.    Having cross/religious tattoos
14.    Balance bracelets/necklaces/anything
15.    Infinity scarves
16.    Hair gelled in any way that resembles Jimmy Neutron

17.    Having read receipts on your iPhone
18.    Having middle name on Facebook
19.    Being on the crew team (Ivy League exception)
20.    Use of Snapchat filters
21.    Individually cropped photos on Facebook
22.    Piercings
23.    Lululemon
24.    Habitually wearing shirts so tight that nipples are visible
25.    V-necks


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