WTF Is The Deal With The “Damn Daniel” Meme?

If you’ve been on Insta or Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook or basically anywhere on the internet since last week, you’ve probably come across the “Damn Daniel” video. If you haven’t, well, this thing is everywhere and you won’t be able to escape it for much longer.

For some reason nobody has bothered to try to understand, the thing has gone fucking viral, whatever that means to you. It was uploaded to Twitter on February 15 and has, like, close to 300,000 retweets.

The video is the brain-child of Joshua Holz and Daniel Lara, two seemingly normal-ass high school students with perhaps too much time on their hands. Apparently, Daniel’s friend Josh uploaded the video to Twitter to just be a goof or something after recording what his friend was wearing all week and saying “DAMN DANIEL” in a super weird voice.

But many people (including me) cannot stop watching this fucking video. If you watched it and are thinking, “Am I missing something here?” don’t worry. You’re not. What you see is what you get. It’s just a pretty attractive high school kid being harassed by his friend in a series of Snapchat videos, edited together. That is all. 


Daniel and Josh have racked up the twitter followers since the video was posted. And, because this is the internet, people couldn’t stop at just watching the video and now there are a million Damn Daniel memes.


If they want to capitalize on their strange, new internet celeb status, we have a feeling Daniel and Josh will probably be back at it again with the white vans with a new video in no time. 



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