Craig David’s Cover Of Justin Bieber’s Best Song Will Make You Wish It Was Y2k Again

Justin Bieber’s new album is… shockingly good (for Bieber)! “Sorry” is alright and “What Do U Mean” is kinda dumb, but “Love Yourself” is inarguably the best single from the album so far (this is not up for debate). In fact, the only thing that could make this (or any Justin Bieber song, for that matter) is to remove Justin Bieber from it. Enter… Craig David?

Craig David’s time on the pop charts here in the U.S. was brief but indelible (I can still CRUSHKILL “Fill Me In” at karaoke), and he introduced us to totes ‘dorbs Britishisms like “answerphone.” He disappeared faster than Lindsay Lohan’s acting career right around the turn of the century, and stayed gone (besides a 2012 single with Calvin Harris) until recently when people found out that he was living in Miami getting swole as fuck. But he’s apparently working on a new album, so to remind everyone he still exists he appeared on BBC Radio’s Live Lounge to do a cover of “Love Yourself,” and it is absolute fire.

A faster beat! A cool rap bridge! 100% less Bieber! It’s basically everything you could ask for in a pop song. If Craig David could just go ahead and re-record Bieber’s entire catalogue, that would be tight.


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