Courtney Stodden Wants To Fuck Bernie Sanders

If you like complaining about how our society has gone to shit and everything is terrible, there are few better examples to use than Courtney Stodden. If you’ve forgotten, she’s the one who married a 50-year-old when she was like 16, and she’s probably the picture that porn stars show to their plastic surgeons. Courtney also apparently cares about politics, and so she went on a podcast (those exist?) this week to talk about it.

Unsurprisingly, no one takes Courtney seriously, so they asked her which presidential candidate she would fuck. She said Bernie Sanders, which shows that she has both terrible taste in men and literally no understanding of how this whole election process works. Like, not that there were any good choices for that question, but Bernie is probably the least fuckable person in Washington.

Not wanting to discriminate, Court also made sure to mention that she thinks Obama is “hot,” so like get in line, girlfriend. Michelle has that locked down tight, so I guess Bernie it is?


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