Court Artist Made Tom Brady Look Like A Scary Dead Clown

Tom Brady is a babe, that’s why it’s super upsetting that some courtroom “artist” made him look like Skeletor or Christian Bale in one of his hungrier character roles.

Brady has been in court this week dealing with the continuing Deflategate debacle.

The picture looks like something Bethany drew in PLL, and it’s kind of hard to even tell which person in it is supposed to be Tom Brady. When you spot him, you’re like, oh what the fuck. It’s that scary and you’ll need to look at at least 100 photos of hot Tom Brady to get scary artist-rendition of Tom Brady out of your nightmares.

VICE Sports reached out to the courtroom artist and he said to tell Tom Brady he was sorry the picture was unflattering. Now if only I could get all my friends to apologize for posting/tagging unflattering pictures of me. Then again, I’m not Tom Brady, but neither is the guy in that freaky skeleton drawing.


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