This Couple Getting Engaged During Spin Class Is All Our #RelationshipGoals

If you’re in need of some extra motivation to get your ass to spin class this week, this adorable video might be your fitspo. Adam Keller and Jared Marinelli are two instructors that met at a Connecticut spin studio called Joyride last year, and have been dating ever since. On Valentine’s Day, Adam took Jared’s cycling class and started a flash mob proposal mid-class.

Watch the whole class take off their shirts to show their “Team Jadam” tanks underneath, as Adam proposes to Jared in a cute flash mob.

After watching the video, you’ll want your own Team Jadam tank and a membership to this studio just to witness this betchy couple. These are the kind of instructors we want to brunch with after class.

I guess the couple that taps it back together, stays together.


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