Costco Sold Fake Tiffany Rings And Got Sued For $5.5 Million

Costco is in deep shit, you guys. They sold diamond rings that were falsely advertised as Tiffany. Of course Tiffany found out this Blood Diamond bullshit and sued the fuck out of Costco. Last week, a jury concluded that Costco has to fork over 5.5 million dollars to Tiffany….You know what 5.5 mil could buy? A fuckton of fake Tiffany diamonds. 5.5 mil could buy out every frozen food option sold at Costco. 5.5 mil could maybe even buy a couple real Tiffany diamonds.

Wait, but guess what. This shit has happened before with brands like Calvin Klein and Omega. Damn, Costco! How could you be so dumb? If you get shut down, Costco, how the fuck am I going to get a lifetime supply of Snapple in just one grocery shopping trip? No amount of endless samples and unnecessary amounts of razors are going to make up for ripping off super nice brands, Costco. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, more like Courtroom Proceedings at Tiffanys.

I’ll pray for you, Costco. 


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