Chill Little Girls Have Some Good Texting Advice

People often like to say that kids have the best advice, that they can offer a stunning sense of clarity with their childish naivete, or some shit. Obviously, that’s dumb – I can run faster, write better, cook better food and fix a car way better than any dumb kid. But sometimes, every once in a while, the old “from the mouths of babes” adage holds true. Case in point, this Cosmo video where kindergarteners give texting advice to grown women with poor taste in shoes. I recommend watching and taking notes:

Sure, they miss some things. They don’t understand the implications behind a late night text, and they won’t until Donald Trump can make this country great again. But ghosting? It’s because you’re scaring him, obvi, but try calling him out on it! Sending a selfie of you and all your ladyfriends to a guy? That would definitely be “so cool,” and way less desperate than a solo selfie. Is it ok for girls to ask guys on dates? Of course it is! And of course, pizza is infinitely more interesting than your bullshit boy problems.

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