Corinne’s Mom Says Her Daughter’s Not Crazy…Yeah Okay

Corinne is undoubtedly the most entertaining part of The Bachelor this season, never failing to stir shit up while boring-ass Nick is off vibing with randos like Danielle L. and Danielle M. Seriously ladies, he’s never going to pick someone with a duplicate name, it’s just common sense.

Well, Corinne’s mom, Peri, is now making her voice heard. In a truly classic move, she sent a webcam video to TMZ where she talks about how everything Corinne has done on the show is completely fake and just for the cameras, and how we would be surprised if we got to see the unedited version. Blaming the editing on a reality show is really the oldest trick in the book, but at least Corinne’s mom admits that Corinne went onto the show planning to be the villain.

Peri also suggests that the producers must have supplied Corinne with the whipped cream to spray on her boobs, which honestly makes sense because why on earth would there be whipped cream just chilling by the pool? But while it’s nice to know that Corinne is aware that she’s the villain, we’re still pretty sure she’s, like, clinically insane. We consider ourselves to be skilled at getting attention, but Corinne’s shit is next level.

So okay Peri, nice job explaining the basics of reality TV, but we’re still waiting for an explanation of why your apparently multi-million-dollar-business-owner daughter still lives at home and requires her nanny to slice her vegetables. #FreeRaquel. Just no one give Corinne a weapon, that almost certainly wouldn’t end well.


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