Corinne Olympios Is Returning To TV In The Most Unexpected Way Possible

If you thought the Bachelor In Paradise scandal was over and that Corinne Olympios was down to take the L, think again. Corinne will finally be telling her side of the story on BiP this week, but she’s starting her publicity tour early with an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. Corinne talks her interview with Chris Harrison, her experience with slut-shaming, and, most importantly, her plans to Make America Corinne Again with two upcoming televisions projects: a reality show and scripted series.

Say what??

Sure, we know what to expect from a new reality show starring Corinne. It’ll just be a lot of shots of her going into credit card debt shopping mashed up with b-roll of her eating cheese pasta and napping. There will be some confessional style interviews with Raquel, obviously, and maybe we’ll get a behind the scenes look at the woman who does her hair extensions. Standard reality TV shit.

But a scripted series? About what? Starring whom? WRITTEN BY WHOM? All we know about this scripted show is that she’s working it with one of her favorite producers, and that she’ll be on camera.

So…a scripted show produced by someone from The Bachelor starring Corinne Olympios? Raquel, como se dice “Train wreck”?

It’s hard to imagine what a “scripted series” starring Corinne could possibly be, but wild speculation with no evidence educated guesses are kind of our forte here at Betches, so here are some options:

The Multi-Million Dollar Office

In this workplace comedy, Corinne would plays a heightened version of herself (not sure how that would work but okay) as the incompetent boss in charge of a multi-million dollar paper company. With a lovable cast of misfit characters, this show will become a fan favorite and run for 10 years, though the quality will go down significantly when Corinne leaves in order to pursue more serious acting rolls. 

Game Of Corinne

Corinne stars in this medieval cosplay drama about various families (the Vialls, The Lindsays, the Whatever-Taylor’s-Last-Name-Is’s) compete for control of Miami-steros. There is a lot of wine and nudity.

Corinne City

Corinne and her BFF (also played by Corinne, Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap style) star in this hilarious millennial comedy about two best friends just trying to make it in New York City. Yaaasss Corinne.

The Big Corinne Theory

Corinne lives in an apartment with a bunch of weird nerds (also played by Corinne) and hilarity ensues. Sheldon is also there. Maybe Corinne dates Sheldon? IDK. I’ll leave the plot points to the writers. 

CorinneJack Horsewoman

An animated series in which humans and anthropomorphic animals compete on The Bachelor together. Corinne stars as CorinneJack Horsewoman, a washed-up reality star looking to get back into the dating show game. The show will be widely overlooked in its first season, but skyrocket to critical success in seasons 2-3. 

Umm so yeah, all this is to say, we have no idea wtf this show is going to be, but as long as Corinne is involved we will probably steal a friend’s cable log in watch. 


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