We’re Going To Get To See Corinne And Demario In ‘Paradise’ After All

After basically everyone was cleared of wrongdoing during the first go-around of filming of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s been kind of, like, all quiet on the Paradise front. I mean, I’m sure the producers are walking on eggshells to make sure no one acts a fool and ruins the show, again. But still. We haven’t had any big BiP related news in quite some time.

Don’t worry, the makers of the show want to ensure eyeballs on their program even if Corrine and DeMario don’t appear in the season. Hence, they’ve both admitted they’ll be face-to-face on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion special.

Corinne started posting on IG again and then took a break from that to send a release to E! saying she was excited to appear on the reunion. This might be the first time we hear Corinne’s side of the story. DeMario already said his peace on a two-part E! News special.

So like, what? Are we going to get an weird back and forth between these two people that were involved in a sexual assault investigation? Um, normally we would be jacked to hear all this spilled tea, but in this case, I somehow think they should have this conversation at least once before going on national television to talk about how she felt weird about him eating her out and/or doesn’t remember it at all. Or something. This whole situation is weird, right?

We’ll actually see DeMario in the meantime. He’s all set to appear on the Men Tell All for Rachel’s season. He probably thought this drama would make us forget the “Ooooh, who’s this?” drama, but, alas, we have not, and we need to hash that out a little more.  

Rachel told ET (on the ESPYs red carpet) that she has said everything she has to say to DeMario, but if he has something else to say, she’ll listen. The real hot take would be inviting Lexie the exie back and getting us some real ass answers there. Let us not forget, Rachel and Corrine are actually friends too. They both tried to marry Nick Viall at one point. Y’all remember that shit? I would say things are going to get wild, but, lets be real, it’ll probably be a bunch of hype for something really tame and boring. 


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