Famous Chefs Are Now Cooking With Cannabis

It turns out the pot brownie you had in Amsterdam last summer isn’t as rare as you thought.  This week, Well + Good NYC’s Victoria Lewis interviewed a group of A-list chefs that are literally cooking dishes with weed. The article was titled “Is Cannabis The New Superfood?” and the author asks various renowned chefs about their risqué ingredient.

The subject sparked interest when famous chef Matt Gray created his new cookbook, “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis.” Other chefs like Melissa Parks and Laurie Holt take part in the cookbook too, with their own cannabis recipes. When Lewis asks the chefs the point of cooking with weed, they tell her the “herb” adds an earthiness to traditional dishes. Yes, weed is actually being treated as an herb in the kitchen.

The article offers various cannabis-infused recipes, like a spicy spinach, kale and artichoke dip, gluten-free almond raspberry cake, and even “cannabutter” (legit cannabis butter.)

We’re wondering if this “herb” actually adds a certain flavor to the food, or if these recipes are just fancy pot brownies used to get stoned. Next time Seamless has a long wait time and you’re thinking of taking on a project in the kitchen, try out some of the recipes and get back to us.


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