A Comprehensive Guide To Betchy Grad Caps

Graduation is like, around the corner for some of you betches. I’ve been there, done that. That’s why I’ve done you all a huge favor and put together this guide to betchy graduation caps. Now you can stand out from the basic betches who just write their name or like, shout out their parents.

And you’ll continue wining. All. Throughout. Adulthood. Wine is a necessary evil in this world. Remember all of the Tour De Franzias you downed during your education, and look forward to the future of copious amounts of champagne at your graduation dinner/party.

Betches love naps. College was one big snoozefest, but you deserve another one. Live your truth.

Now that you’re a fucking adult, you need a fucking job. Start right out of the graduation gate with this cap. You never know if potential employers sit in the audience.

Mean Girls was probably your movie of choice throughout college. Ideal for background noise for a pregame, knowing, watching, and idolizing all that Mean Girls represents is part of being a betch. Celebrate with this tribute to the movie that made you the college graduate betch you are.

Because you are now. And what better way to ask for help than recycling a line from a betch’s second fave movie, Bridesmaids?

You passed your bar exam and you’re own your way to opening the betchiest law firm that ever existed. This grad cap evokes a feministic class that Elle Woods would be proud of, and it’s the perfect “fuck you” to all the haters you’ve collected throughout your 7 years of schooling.

​Congrats on graduating, betches! Now get out there and run the world. ​


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