Companies With No Chill Who Tried To Pay Tribute To Prince And Failed

Millions of tweets were published by celebs and fans that shared some of the magic Prince bestowed upon the world. Big brands also took to Twitter when Prince passed—because there’s no advertising opportunity than the passing of a beloved and legendary artist, right?—and, like they usually do, tried too hard. Don’t believe me? Here are some of the most epic fails our fave brand names tweeted.

The social team over at Cheerios hopped into Microsoft Paint to create this shitty memorial for our sweet Prince. 

​Hamburger Helper tried to be cute, but no one really GAF about a glove. 

​The heartless savages at Maker’s Mark saw this as a perfect opportunity to market themselves, simply changing the traditional red wax on their bottles to Prince purple. Way to take someone’s death and turn it into a marketing ploy, Maker’s. ​

Perhaps the worst of them all was the tweet from Getty Images that linked directly to their site, where you can BUY images of Prince. Real subtle.

The likeminded greedy team at 3M tried to pay tribute to the iconic figure that Prince was, but they did so literally in their brand name. Go fuck yourself, 3M. It’s not all about you. 

Most of these brands have since removed their lame-ass tweets because of the public uproar. The best examples of tweets memorializing Prince were tasteful. They weren’t brandy or self-promotional. They were simple and heartfelt, which made them more appealing/re-tweetable. No one wanted to remember Prince by giving a big brand a boost on social media. They have “expert” marketing teams to do that, right?

Speaking of expert marketing teams, these tweets really makes me wonder why these people still have jobs, and why I haven’t been asked for consulting when it comes to stupid fucking tweets. Note to experts—keep it simple and classy, like Caribou Coffee did. 

RIP, Prince. We’re still not over your death.


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