This College Humor Video About a Celebrity Posing Coach Is Incredible

College Humor has a great track record of killing it with their celebrity cameos, and their latest video might just top them all. In the video, Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks’ wife) plays Anita Taiton, Hollywood’s most famous posing coach. The video is fucking hilarious, and is anchored by appearances from Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. Kris tells us that before Anita, the industry was “a dead fish,” and then Anita works on creating a brand-new pose for Khloe for the Oscars. You’ll die. 

Any chance I can hire Anita for my sorority’s next formal so everyone doesn’t do the exact same “hand-on-hip-head-cocked-slightly-to-the-side” pose in every fucking picture?


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