College Girl Blows $90K College Fund On Clothes

Your dad might be salty because you chose to go to college at one of the most expensive schools in the country, but at least you're not “Kim” from Atlanta. You see, Kim's grandparents hooked her up with a pretty clutch trust fund worth $90K that she could use to pay for college. But somehow Kim fucked up and instead of being set for life (or like, the next four years, same thing), she blew the money on a bunch of clothes and a trip to Europe. Oops.

So just like most rational betches do when they fuck up in a colossal way, “Kim” (not her real name) went onto The Bert Show (basically Atlanta's version of the Elvis Duran Morning Show) to shit on her parents for not bailing her out. She's like, super pissed because instead of “loaning” her the money interest-free, her parents are making her get one of those things called a “job.” Ugh, idk what that is but it just sounds gross.

But before you go shitting on our entire generation for being spoiled and helpless, you should know that this is totally Kim's parents' fault. That's right. She said, “Maybe they should have taught me how to budget a little more. They never sat me down and had a serious talk about it.” Yep, this girl is so dumb she couldn't figure out how to divide by 4 by herself. Wait, what college does she go to, again?

The bright side of this story? Kim apparently goes to school somewhere in Atlanta, which also happens to be the Sugar Daddy capital of the country. Cheer up, Kim. You'll get that tuition money.


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