Coffee Is Officially An M&Ms Flavor, What A Time To Be Alive

Earlier this year, M&M’s created a competition for the next M&M flavor. They created three different varieties of peanut M&Ms—chili nut, honey nut, and coffee nut—and asked people to vote on their favorite. Clearly I have been shopping in the wrong stores because I completely missed this. CVS can print me a novel-length receipt every time I buy a pack of gum, but they couldn’t tell me about these new flavors?? K.

But at least some sane people voted, and coffee nut won. Thank god, because the other flavors seem gross. Chili nut sounds like combining Red Hot Cheetos and a Reese’s cup. Honey nut must taste just like honey nut cheerios in chocolate milk. Both of those are a hard pass.

Before you get too excited, a pack of coffee nut M&Ms cannot replace your daily Starbucks break. There’s 9 mg of caffeine in each serving, so you’d need to eat approx 10 servings (like 3 movie-theater sized bags) to get the same amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee. If you want to be even more disappointed, that’d be over 2,000 calories. So basically, coffee M&Ms are not a fucking excuse to eat dessert. 


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