Ice-T and Coco Named Their Daughter Chanel

Ice-T and Coco obviously have a reputation as the classiest couple in Hollywood, and things are no different now that they have a daughter. Coco had her baby over the weekend, and she really put a lot of though into baby names before settling on Chanel.

While we pretend that the whole Coco and Chanel thing is cute and not cringeworthy, baby Chanel has already been hard at work on social media. Coco almost immediately started posting baby pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and they already made the baby her own fucking Instagram (which already has way more followers than you, sorry not sorry).


As long as I hold my daddy’s hand I know I’ll be safe

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Now we can start making bets on how long it’ll be before Chanel makes a guest appearance on SVU, because every other famous person has already done it. Somewhere in France, Coco Chanel is rolling in her goddamn grave.


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