There Are Clip-In Man Buns Now

We all remember Kristin Cavallari’s very embarrassing headband-with-bangs fiasco from earlier this year, but now there is a new innovation in the removable hair field that is (if you can believe it) even worse: the clip-in man bun.

Groupon, the internet’s one-stop-shop for $20 massages and gym memberships that you’ll forget you bought, is now offering discounted clip in man buns for the bro in your life with commitment issues that run so deep he can’t event settle on a hairstyle.


So, obviously, this groupon raises a lot of questions. Mainly, who the fuck would want to wear a clip in man bun? But also, what kind of crazy math was done to assign a $65.34 to this abomination? Because from over here I would probably assign a $-100 value to the clip in man bun (meaning that someone should pay you $100 to wear it).

For real, unless you’re doing some kind of undercover exposé on hipsters and need to blend in fast, I can’t imagine a single reason why a clip in man bun would ever be necessary but, then again, are real man buns ever even necessary?

Food for thought. 


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