Time To Give A Shit: Climate Change Is Literally Swallowing Tropical Islands

If you’ve paid attention to any news source in the past decade, chances are you’ve heard some scientist talking in broad terms about how horrible the effects of climate change. The problem is, we’ve never really cared that temperatures in South America will rise half a degree in the next century causing ice caps to blah blah blah are you asleep yet?

Obviously climate change isn’t great, but it’s hard to think about it seriously when all the consequences are like, hundreds of years away. Well, shit got a lot more real this week when some scientists figured out that rising sea levels have already caused five islands to completely fucking disappear under the damn ocean. The islands in question are (were?) all in the Solomon Islands, a small country somewhere over by Australia on a map. These ones were luckily uninhabited, but there’s another island nearby that has already had “11 houses wash into the sea since 2011.” WHAT??? In fact, the Solomon Islands will probably be the first country in history to relocate people out of its major cities for reasons related to climate change.

You might not care much the Solomon Islands, but the problem is that this is just the beginning. Soon it will be Turks and Caicos, then Cabo, then Miami. The beaches are disappearing as we speak!!! So basically, the moral of the story is recycle your water bottle or something today because beaches are important.


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