Chrissy Teigen Went Vegan And Quit After 12 Hours, Is Literally Us

After popping out a baby and publishing her own carb-filled cookbook, one of the betchiest foodies tried to go vegan this weekend. It comes as no surprise that Chrissy Teigen, like many other trendy celebs, decided to go through a short vegan phase, because everyone’s gone through it at some point. Ever since Bey and Jay went vegan a few years ago, annoying followers everywhere have given up their normal food intake for things like “bacon-style tempeh” and “raw avocado chocolate mousse.” Like, tell me more.

However, unlike boring nicegirls who care enough about animal rights to keep it up, Chrissy lasted twelve hours before going back to her regular diet of fried cheese and hot dogs. The best part is that Chrissy basically spent the whole day tweeting about her veganism. Our personal fav: “Chrissy vegan.”

She ended the day with a photo of John holding a plate of meat, along with the caption, “That was fun. My book, the 12 hour vegan. Out now.”

We give up on our random phases all the time, and Chrissy was chill enough to own up to it. Who can actually be vegan anyway? Like, are you just agreeing to give up drunk pizza on Saturday nights? Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries. 


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