Wait, Is Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnancy A Prank?

So Chrissy Teigen really got everybody going the other day with a tweet heard round the world:

Naturally, everyone’s first assumption was that Chrissy Teigen started trolling us around 9 months ago when she announced she was pregnant. Rather than thinking she, like, started setting the clocks back a week ago. K. Sure. Reasonable assumption.


Thanks for all the hype Chrissy, but where the fuck is this great prank of yours?

You may have fooled all the dumb dumbs into thinking that you weren’t preggo, but come on, anyone with a brain knew that it was real because of how fat your face is now. But still, that tweet implies that you had a great prank coming. So where is it?

I know it’s barely noon in LA, so I’ll give you a few more hours. But geez, all hype and no prank? Thanks a lot.


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