Chrissy Teigen Dressed Her Baby Up As A Mermaid And It’s Adorable

More points to Chrissy Teigen for managing to pull off being a hot mess and perfect mother at the same time. Betchy new mom Chrissy dressed up her daughter Luna as a mermaid and shared the photo on Snapchat, because if you dress your kid up in a cute outfit and you don’t share it, it basically never happened. 

Luna is wearing a crochet bikini and mermaid tail so you already know she’s going to be quirky AF. When your parents are talented, hot, and funny, you’re already part of that world.

Normally pictures of other people’s kids would make us gag, but when you’re created by John Legend and Chrissy Teigen we can make an exception. It almost makes us not totally not want to have kids.

If motherhood is dressing up your baby in product sponsored princess outfits, then sure, maybe we’ll consider going off birth control in the next five years. Also, it’s to be noted that the outfit was actually sent by Vitacoco, which means her baby is earning her that sponsored money. So double points to Chrissy for earning money with her baby without even having to pose in it.


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