Just A Reminder That Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Are Your Dream Fam

Unless you’re in serious denial and think the finance intern you’re hooking up with is ~the one~, John Legend is the man of your dreams. He is a millionaire, Grammy- and Oscar-winning singer, talks shit about Donald Trump on Twitter, and is Mr. Chrissy Teigen. Obvi John and Chrissy’s baby, Luna, was born last month, and you already have a massive family crush on them.

Well Chrissy Instagrammed a video of Luna jamming to a John Legend song, and your ovaries probably exploded after watching it. Besides the fact that Luna is the perfect genetic combination of John and Chrissy, she is already on her way to developing a stellar personality. Like any betch starting a dance party at a pregame, Luna keeps it casual but is clearly feeling herself.

The lyrics in the video are “Plans to do it until we have a baby. Even if the world is crazy. Pick some names, boy or girl.” This man wrote and sang a song about having a baby that his baby is now listening to. That’s the most beautiful inception ever.

So thanks again to this family for being a human Pinterest board of goals. 


The beginning!

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