Chrissy Teigen Dressed Up As Guy Fieri for Halloween And It Was Awesome

Last year Katy Perry won Halloween by dressing as a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto. This year the strong frontrunner is Chrissy Teigen, who dressed as Food Network star and human grease stain Guy Fieri for an episode of her talk show “The Fab Life,” which airs tomorrow. The result was breathtaking, and yet another reason why Teigen is our betchy hero.

As in most outstanding costumes, the level of detail is what makes “Chrissy Fieri” so special. The spiky wig and multi-colored facial hair, trademark sunglasses and flaming button-down are all terrifyingly accurate. She also posted an Instagram video while getting into character, kicking open a door while shouting “Guy’s’ Grocery Games!,” a reference I might understand if I’d consider wasting more than two seconds of my existence on Guy Fieri.

TBCH, I watched this video at least seven times in a row with equal amusement and am generally obsessed with the fact that this is a thing. All hail Chrissy for this incredible masterpiece, and fuck you Guy Fieri just because. 



Watch @fablifeshow this Friday for more Chrissy Fieri than you ever imagined or wanted at all

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