Chrissy Teigen Feels The Same Way We All Do About Brangelina’s Divorce

As celeb magazines everywhere make the change from Brangelina to Brad and Angelina (RIP), one woman truly understands the mourning process: Chrissy Teigen. As if we needed another reason to worship this woman. Chrissy’s tweet about the breakup of the century (sorry Justin and Selena, but you are amateurs compared to this) is all of us reacting to the news.

How are we supposed to work today?? Besides the obvious realization that Brad Pitt is just a fuckboy—once a cheater, always a cheater—if an award winning actress, gorgeous woman, and UN ambassador can’t keep a man, there’s really no hope for anyone. Fingers crossed that Angie’s next film is her own version of Lemonade.

The only way that I could possibly be expected to be productive this week is if Amal Clooney publicly announces that she’s Team Jolie, but she’s busy prosecuting ISIS so IDK if she has time. 


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