Chrissy Teigen And Donald Trump Had A Twitter Fight And It Was Amazing

Chrissy Teigen loves to call people out on Twitter, and her latest beef with Donald Trump is probably the best yet. It all started when The Donald tweeted about some event with African American pastors, and said that it wasn’t a press event. In true Teigen fashion, Chrissy fired back “so don’t tweet about it you twat.” She has a point, and she definitely gets bonus points for calling him a twat.

Donald then made the passive-aggressive-middle-school-move and retweeted someone else calling Chrissy a “trashy gutter mouth woman,” which isn’t even English that makes sense.

The tweet also said that Chrissy can’t compete with Donald’s wife Melania, who’s like 30 years younger than him.

Chrissy then pointed out that she and Melania literally have the same career, and that she “goes through enough already.” Chrissy obviously won this one, which isn’t that surprising, given that Donald Trump uses Twitter like the grandpa that he is. 


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