In Case You Missed It: Tyler Hilton Married That Girl From Secret Life of the American Teenager

What the literal fuck. Chris Keller from One Tree Hill got married to Grace from The Secret Life of the American Teenager and it was actually kind of off my radar since neither of these people are real celebrities. Nonetheless, I like the news!

If you don’t remember, (and your OTH fan card needs to be stripped) Chris Keller, a.k.a. Tyler Hilton, was the musician everyone loved to hate. I mean, he did almost break up Nathan and Haley when she ran away to be a rock star.

And Grace, a.k.a. Megan Park, was the crazy who thought losing her virginity made her dad die on Secret Life.

That story line is still hilarious, almost as hilarious as that time on My Super Sweet 16 when some betch’s dad got Tyler Hilton to perform at her birthday party and she was really disappointed because she didn’t know who the fuck Tyler Hilton was at the time and then she decided she DGAF because he was kinda hot.

Anyway, the two got married earlier this month and a bunch of the former Secret Life cast members showed up. Cool.

You probably missed this announcement too because you were caring about actual famous people. Still, I get kind of obsessed when people from different TV shows get married a la Leighton Meester and Adam Brody. Worlds collide! 


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