Chris Brown Blocked Chrissy Teigen On Twitter, Awk

The weirdest celebrity Twitter feud has been quietly brewing between Chris Brown and Chrissy Teigen – aka the weirdest pair of people to randomly hate each other.

So during the Billboard Music Awards, Chrissy Teigen Tweeted “So excited to see Chris Brown! I love loud and surprising background fits of rage I can hear from the audience.” Same. But Chris Brown fans took it to the next level on Twitter. There were legit hundreds of death threats sent via Twitter. Chris eventually tried to calm them down with “Team Breezy! Lets stop sending death threats! I know y'all bout that life but it's the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!”

First of all, I like his liberal use of exclamation points. This makes me think about what Twitter would look like if Taylor Swift fans were this violent.

Anyways, so that whole weird Twitter war happened, and then yesterday Chris blocked Chrissy on Twitter, and she was not happy about it. She Tweeted a screenshot of him blocking her with a “:(” – like she couldn't even use a real emoji. I like how passive aggressive the Twitter block is, and I might start using it instead of the all-too-subtle unfollow. Right now, Chrissy is definitely winning because Chris cares too much. I mean, he's in the middle of a scandal involving a rando's love child and he's worried about blocking Chrissy Teigen on Twitter so like, priorities. Are you Team Breezy or Team Mrs. John Legend??




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