Chris Brown Accused of Beating Up a Woman In Vegas

This week, everyone’s favorite raging asshole Chris Brown is back in hot water for allegedly assaulting a woman in Las Vegas. The woman, Liziane Gutierrez, is saying that Chris took her phone and hit her after she tried to take a picture with him in a hotel room. The details of the story are very sketchy, but either way it doesn’t seem like physical aggression was the appropriate response.


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Chris and his manager Mike G, who probably should invest in a last name, have spoken out against the allegations, saying that Gutierrez needs to “grow the fuck up,” and that they’re going to sue the living fuck out of her. Chris took it one step further by posting a video message to Liziane online, which really seems unnecessarily public, but we fucking love it. Liziane, obviously eager to get her fifteen minutes of fame, posted a video message in response, and they’re both incredible. Who knows what’ll happen with this whole situation, but it’s entertaining AF to watch.



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