Flashback Friday: Chokers

We’re in a very lucky time when it comes to fashion, because everything we loved in our betchhood is coming back around. Most importantly, chokers are back in business which honestly leaves us wondering why they ever left in the first place.

90s Fashion

I mean, we have a Ghostbusters movie in theaters and a Clinton running for president, so the logical next step is to wear black chokers like your Spice Girls tribute band never broke up. Chokers are betchy for two reasons.

1. Chokers are the slutty cousin of necklaces.
2. You have to be skinny to wear chokers

Literally you can’t put on a choker if your neck is fat, sorry bout it. You can try Sears.

The Coachella betch loves chokers like she loves fringe, and the good news is chokers aren’t appropriating any other culture but that of old white people. Like, Victorian betches used to wear chokers, but back then they were used to keep women from talking, probably.

Also bonus points because chokers are not a gift necklace. Aka if a bro bought us a choker we’d be like, wtf is this? Chokers are a statement of being an independent betch. Because if a betch is wearing a choker, you know she bought that shit herself, Destiny’s Child style.

Independent Women Destiny's Child

Speaking of DC, you think army print will ever come back? 

Destiny's Child


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