Chloë Moretz Apparently Has Haters, And She’s Calling Them Out

It’s 2016, which means Twitter has devolved from news and well-thought-out jokes to sad, ugly randos ranting about any celebrity with an ounce of fame. This being the case, every week there’s a new celebrity who “calls out her haters,” or “puts her haters to shame,” or “silences the online trolls.” Usually it’s Demi Lovato or Jennifer Lawrence, but this week Chloë Grace Moretz took her turn.

Apparently people on Twitter have been saying she’s fat and masculine, which is like, so not true it doesn’t even make sense. Chloë Grace (because she’s too good for just one name) fired off a few tweets in response to the criticism, asking if these people get some sort of fulfillment or satisfaction by insulting her. She reminded them that there’s a “real HUMAN BEING” on the other side of those tweets because I’m sure that will get them to shut up.

In a desperate effort to seem normal even though she’s dating David Beckham’s model son, she ended her rant by telling everyone to “have a nice Taco Tuesday.” Like thanks, but we’ll eat tacos whenever we want, we don’t need the Taco Tuesday discount.


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