Chipotle Hit WIth Another Bacterial Virus, Gross

141 Boston College kids have been sickened with “norovirus” after having eaten at a local Chipotle last weekend. First of all, can all the gross very-detailed articles of what “norovirus” actually is please stop? We get it, Chipotle is over. No more 2am burritos for any of us, thank a lot germs.

But seriously, how can anyone go to a Chipotle ever again? I mean, for real will you be going to grab a bowl with brown rice, chicken and guac ever again? If you have a brain, probs not.

And actually, Chipotle has not been that lucky lately, this is their second food born illness in 2 months. On Halloween there was an E. Coli breakout reported. Sorry drunk betches, Chipotle is officially no longer acceptable. Hopefully Qdoba will be able to satisfy all our drunk eating needs here on out.


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