Move Over, Thigh Gap—China’s Newest Beauty Meme Is Really Weird

Another day, another stupid Internet beauty meme to laugh at. Long gone are the days of the Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge and Hot Dogs or Legs? As a society we have evolved to much more exclusive ways of comparing our bodies to each others’, and it’s all thank to everyone’s favorite accessory: the iPhone 6.

Girls in China have started taking selfies with iPhone 6’s over their knees to prove…what? That they’re bow legged? No, fools! That they’re skinny, duh. Because everyone knows that the width of your kneecaps directly correlates to how attractive you are.

This trend comes on the tail end of holding a piece of printer paper in front of your torso to prove how small it is. Clearly, girls in China are really into perspective and household objects. But don’t you dare get caught using a 6 plus to flaunt your needle knees. No one is impressed by the fact that you can hide part of your body with a tablet-sized phone, fat ass.

While we respect the fact that those who participate in this trend are openly shunning Android users, it’s still really fucking stupid. In my day, we all just stood in front of mirrors and openly critiqued every part of ourselves that we hated, no technology required.

Ah, the sweet innocence of youth. 


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