The Official Betches’ Review Of The Chile Mocha

Earlier this week, we told y’all about Starbucks’ new fall drink, the chile mocha, and how it’s supposed be incredible and people think it might be better than the pumpkin spice latte. Tbh, the thought of this pissed me off because I fucking live for PSL season and I will defend its deliciousness to the end. I’m a ride or die bitch. So we kinda ripped the chile mocha and said it’s Rihanna, while the PSL is Queen Bey, but like, that’s kinda unfair until we try it, right? So here you have it, a betch’s review of the chile mocha*

So I literally just took my first sip and holy shit that’s good. Damn it, am I cheating on pumpkin spice rn? I guess what it doesn’t know won’t hurt it.

hug in a cup

Spice: The chile mocha nailed this one. It’s not spice like the cinnamon and clove you get in the PSL, but actual heat. It’s not enough to need a water or anything, but it’s definitely spicy.

Balance: A+ again. Unlike the PSL, the chile mocha really is the perfect mix of espresso flavor and sweetness. Look, if your standard order is a quad, you’ll probs still hate it but like, it’s a step in the right direction.

Richness: When I heard mocha, I was a little wary because all the mochas are just a little too heavy. If I wanted to gain weight, I’d go get a ShackBurger, not a warm beverage. But the cayenne in the chile mocha really cuts the richness of the chocolate to keep it from feeling like a total gut bomb. I’m calling this one a tie because the PSL doesn’t have chocolate.

Fall-ness: This is the category where the chile mocha falls short. It’s not like it’s bad. It’s just that the PSL is fall in a fucking cup. The pumpkin, the cinnamon—I swear the leaves change colors and the temp drops 20 degrees the second I take a sip. The chile mocha is definitely meant for the cooler seasons, but it gives off more of wintery vibe.

Verdict: The chile mocha is amaze. In fact, if I’m being totally honest, I probably like it a little better than the PSL in terms of overall taste. BUT the PSL will always be my go-to fall drink. It embodies the entire season and I’m admittedly basic af and I love everything about fall. Still doesn’t mean I’m not gonna mix it up and order a chile mocha at least once a week.

that's my opinion

*Lisa Vanderbetch sampled a nonfat chile mocha. Please note that regular or soy versions may vary in taste, but if you get the full-fat version you really can’t sit with us. 


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