Chic Betch: The Art of White Crochet

White crochet is a very special color/fabric combination in the life of a betch. It's often hard to achieve the perfect combination of slutty and classy but somehow this fab combo finds just the way to do it. With the right garment, you'll be able to look low maintenance and beachy while remaining sexy and tres chic. I have yet to meet a bro who can resist the mind fuck of a proper white crochet garment.

There are many times when a betch is forced to pretend that she has her shit together. Some scenarios include meeting your bros parents, shopping the 8th floor of Saks, or like, your parole hearing. Even when hungover, we'll never sacrifice looking our best and this is preciesly why a betch's best friend, second to drugs, alcohol, and her actual best friend, is white crochet.

Shorts: These shorts are super cute for a cover up on the beach if you’ve got a dimple or two on your ass you’re trying to cover or for a stroll through your local beach town. The scalloped bottom is flirty and innocent but the look as a whole is straight up sexy. Match the shorts with a white linen button up or white cotton blend tank. All white or die. See it here>>

Bikini: This style bikini is the same as the mint bikini I posted previously but the white crochet makes this a whole other animal. You can actually meet your bro’s parents in this suit while remaining confident that there is no other betch on the beach that can top you. The fit of this suit is incredible but make sure you buy the top in the right size or it will “fan out” on your boobs. See it here>>

Dress: Let me start by addressing that I hate the way the model looks in this dress but I happen to own it myself and it looks fucking sick. This dress is not for a betch with hips, so sorry in advance for you curvy chicks. The length is super chic and the slit up the side makes it sexy without TTH. Definitely stick to an ice chip diet the day you wear this dress because tight white crochet is everything but forgiving. See it here>>

Sweater: I so desperately wish I could say I am #82 over the crop top but I’m still somewhat under it. This sweater matched with cute jean shorts is so simple and effortless yet hot as hell. This is perfect for a day out in the Hamptons or heading to a drunk BBQ. This is definitely an item for one of the cooler summer nights- southerners beware. See it here>>


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