Chic Betch: Printfection

One of the best trends to come to life this year has been printed everything. Obviously we should note that prints and florals are different so leave your lame ass girly shit in the Salvation Army dumpster where it belongs. I’m talking tribal, Mediterranean, and some other foreign themes. Betches, you have to be careful with your prints, there is a very fine line between chic and disastrous.

Alexis, Pants: Love these pants. The vertical print makes them flattering and the neutral color scheme means any betch can pull them off. You’re better off buying them a size up because no one wants to see flare print pants stuck to your ass. These should be worn with a fitted solid tank and a heel. Gold accessories are highly recommended. See it here >>

Rory Beca, Shorts: Orissa Running Shorts in the “dreamcatcher” print are super cute. Again, match with a solid top and rock heels for the dinner/bar scene or strappy flats for a city stroll. See it here >>

Equipment, Top: I know smart ass commenters, Equipment? How overdone? BUT this print is timeless and the color can be worn all year long so I consider it a good staple. Wear it now with white skinnies or in the fall with a black blazer. You can even wear it mid season open with a tank underneath. The color is gorgeous and shouldn’t be passed up. See it here >>

Charles Phillip, Loafer: We can dive into the world of loafers another day because this is a serious fall trend that is not to be ignored. However, while we’re attacking prints, this had to be added. I love this hipster print because I think it’s subtle enough for any betch without being a poser. Gunmetal + black skinnies + these loafers = chic as fuck. See it here >>

Brightly Twisted Scarves, Tie Dye Scarf:  You know those mornings when you just don’t feel like thinking about your outfit? Yes, we all have them but this time it will be very simple. Ready? Throw on a white tank, white shorts and this scarf for insta-chic. Any cute pair of flats will do. Floridians, you can just wear this at your summer homes. See it here >>


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