WTF, Chewbacca Uses More Hair Products Than All of Us

Well here’s a disturbing/delightful thought: Chewbacca (that’s nerd speak for the brunette yeti in Star Wars) might be betchier than all of us. When it comes to his/her/its (IDK?) hair routine, at least.

First of all, not only does Chewbacca have an actual hair stylist (who btw has the weirdest job title ever. Like, imagine her meeting people at parties: What do you do? Oh! Me? I’m Chewbacca’s hair stylist, and you?), but he actually requires a fair amount of labor intensive prepping to be “set ready.” Apparently, $140 worth of product goes into the making of this “ombre, meets bed-head chic, meets actual monster” look.

So here’s the run down. Chewbacca requires an “oil moisturizer” and “heat protectant”, which sounds like two pretty unnecessary and therefore betchy steps. He uses not one, but two kinds of hair spray, and lives by the idea that you shouldn’t wash your hair every single night unless you want to look like a dried up, split end mess, and like, true! He’s also v into the hot pink tangle teezer.

IDK I’m starting to think that Chewbacca might be my new #1 pick for a GBFF (right behind Anne Heche, duh!).


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