A Betchy Review Of Chelsea Handler’s New Show, Chelsea

This week was a big one for Netflix and Chelsea Handler. It marked the premiere of her new talk show, Chelsea, which is something completely new for Netflix. There will be new episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, rather than the one-batch-a-year strategy that they’ve used in the past. We watched the first three episodes this week, and how are they? Just fine.

No one was quite sure what to expect from this project, and even Chelsea herself seems a little unsure of how to proceed. She said she wanted to treat the show like the college education she never got (whatever that means), and that it wouldn’t be a traditional talk show. (Spoiler alert: it kinda feels like a traditional talk show.) She does a monologue about how she hates doing monologues, sits at a desk, and chats with a wide range of guests. It’s interesting, but it’s still a talk show.

In this first week, her guests include Pitbull, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore (whose lisp seems to have gotten worse), and most of the cast of Captain America: Civil War. The strongest episode so far is the third one, which focuses on Chelsea’s lack of knowledge about comic books. She hosts a dinner party with the cast, which is funnier than you would expect, and gets a hilarious lesson on the Marvel Universe from a nicegirl comic book nerd.

tl;dr: Chelsea is definitely still finding its footing, but Chelsea Handler is a betchy enough host that she should be able to turn it around. Also, Pitbull should keep his sunglasses on at all times.


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