Chelsea Handler’s App Will Get You Out of Anything

The moment we heard Chelsea Handler was making her own app, we knew she’d deliver. I mean, we’re talking about the betch who makes millions off of drinking vodka and talking shit about Justin Bieber. We already crowned Chelsea Handler as Betch of the Year in 2011, and she hasn’t let us down since.

Chelsea’s app is called “Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go!” and it’s literally designed to get you out of situations you don’t wanna be in– so basically like, every event we attend in daylight. The app generates excuses for you and sets them as alarms, so your Irish exits will be more subtle than ever. The iTunes description recommends the app be used for “bad dates, awkward convos with your in-laws, boring meetings and whatever else you might want to hit the eject button on.” Chelsea, you just get us.


Getting stuck at a lame event is the worst. Like, it was nice enough of me to show up to this sad excuse for a birthday party. The least you can do is offer more alcohol and less mini hotdogs.

But with this app, instead of spending the effort coming up with some elaborate story about your roommate getting her stomach pumped, you’ll just get a text that’ll get you out the door before ‘Hotline Bling’ plays for the third time. 


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