A Betchy Review of “Chelsea Does” On Netflix

Back in December when we reported the Chelsea Does trailer, we were mildly excited for the Netflix and Chill ammo but then quickly forgot about it. Well she casually released it at the end of January and we just finished watching it and approve.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s why you should. In four episodes, Chelsea gets deep into the topics of Dating, Drugs, Technology, and Racism.  She takes on a betchy stance in all of these while still managing to come off like a kind-hearted open minded person, even though she doesn’t go through any changes in her own opinion at all. In fact, she comes out of each episode basically saying, “I’m kind of the best and I have all the answers.” We’re not mad.

In the first episode, Chelsea takes on the idea of marriage. She’s forty years old, hosts a talk show, and dated 50 Cent. Her life isn’t exactly a failure, but just like anyone else she’s down to like, find true love if it’s out there. But rather than play herself sad or lonely, she approaches it in a betchy way. She goes on a white glove dating service because whatevs why not, which is the same attitude we have when we download every new dating app, because why not. Though it’s clear when she gets there that she doesn’t take herself that seriously. The guys that come on the date are like the worst, even though they prob make six figs and could provide. Chelsea’s attitude is admirable because she’s unimpressed and walks away thinking “I’m not really missing out tbh”.

There’s a whole episode that’s dedicated to not understanding technology. Betches can relate because as much as we love our iPhones, we can’t fucking figure out how shit works when they break. Chelsea goes to Silicon Valley and trolls some Venture Capitalist bros into making a prototype for her app that’s just an excuse to GTFO of annoying situations.  Like if you’re stuck talking to someone boring, the app will text you an emergency so you can be like, “would love to hear about your Tinder date but my dog is sick sorry g2g.”

Most of the series covers Chelsea telling people she’s like tired of being so bored all the time because other people are the worst. She even talks race to everyone from Al Sharpton to Southern confederate activists and she’s just like “I’m over it.” Like, stop being racist, it’s boring me. The only part that doesn’t make sense is when they go to a hookah lounge to explore the culture of uh, I don’t know, Persia? Like wtf. So shady. Especially because her friend that drives her is like “what is this? you smoke it?” We are to believe you don’t know what hookah is when you’ve tried ayahuasca? Yeah, okay.

Overall the series is betchy AF and manages to keep our attention span even though it’s technically a documentary. Congratulations on getting us to say “I just binge watched a documentary series” lol. Didn’t think I’d ever do that again after Making a Murderer. 


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