Chelsea Clinton’s Son Was Born This Weekend, But When Will He Start Campaigning?

As the biological product of the world’s most incredible power couple, Blue Ivy Chelsea Clinton’s whole life has been public interest. Her awkward years in the White House were particularly painful—frizzy hair and braces are bad enough at middle school dances, but even worse at the inauguration—but she’s blossomed as a mom. She has degrees from Stanford, Oxford, and Columbia, lives in Manhattan, and married an investment banker. Goals.

Well this weekend Chelsea gave birth to her second child, a son, named Aidan—so at least one of the Clintons has a strong grasp on millennial trends. He joins their daughter Charlotte, who turns 2 in September. Both of the children’s middle names are Clinton and last names are Mezvinksy, but let’s be honest, they could let that last name go. Like, everyone is going to stop listening after the Clinton name is dropped.

I just hope that one of those children marries one of Donald Trump’s grandchildren.


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