Charlie Sheen Is, Like, Poor

Charlie Sheen definitely isn’t #winning anymore. In the past few weeks, he’s filed forms to try and reduce his child support payments to both of his baby mamas. Okay, so he’s not really poor poor, but he’s like poor by Charlie Sheen’s standards. This is really not that shocking considering that Charlie doesn’t have a job, is fighting HIV, and that his current child support payments are apparently $55,000 A MONTH. Yes you read that correctly, a year’s worth of private college tuition every single month.

In the paperwork, he doesn’t specify how much he can afford to pay per month, but he does outline that his average monthly income has dropped below $90,000 a month. This might not sound too shabby, but don’t forget that Charlie used to get paid over a million an episode for Two and a Half Men. He also has $25,000 of medical bills every month, which doesn’t leave much left over for prostitutes and coke. No rulings have been made on his requests yet, but he might want to find a way to turn tiger blood into cash.


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