Charlie Sheen Will Announce He’s HIV Positive Tomorrow Morning

Charlie Sheen is scheduled to appear on the “Today” show Tuesday morning, and according to a press release from NBC News, he’ll be making a “revealing personal announcement.” A variety of sources including TMZ, Hollywood Inquirer and People have reported that he’ll be disclosing his status as HIV positive, a fact that he’s kept secret for years. “Holy shit,” was Matt Lauer’s immediate response upon hearing the news, which may or may not become more eloquent by their interview tomorrow morning.

According to Access Hollywood, Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards has known about his disease for a “number of years,” and neither she nor the couple’s two daughters were infected. He’s had a long and controversial dating history with a slew of other porn stars, models, and actresses, and The Enquirer claims the number of people he’s slept with in his lifetime is in the quadruple digits. This comes after an 18-month investigation, part of which includes a statement from ex-wife Brooke Mueller who claims she was “potentially” infected. Multiple other women have since come forward saying they may have been affected, and depending on how this all shakes out, it could be Sheen’s greatest crime against humanity since Two and a Half Men. 


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