Yes Lawd, Channing Tatum Is Bringing A Live Magic Mike Show To Vegas

If you’re planning a tacky Las Vegas bachelorette party for your bestie, there’s good news for you today. Get out the baby oil, Channing Tatum is bringing a Magic Mike live show to Las Vegas.

Tatum made the announcement in a Facebook Live session. The show will take the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in March of 2017.

You can leave your undies on, ladies. Channing himself won’t be in the show, regularly. UGH. He did say, though, that if he gets back into the shape he was in for Magic Mike he’ll try to get back on the stage “just because it’s fun”. Pray you have tickets for that show.

Channing introduced viewers to the cast in his live stream, but, as luck would have it, they’re totally not Channing Tatum nor Joe Manganiello nor Matt Bomer. Whatever.

Channing says, “It’s time to revolutionize, and change something that has been very old…make it more of a conversation instead of just some men going up there trying to tell you what you should think is sexy.”

Slow clap for you, Channing Tatum. You can empower the shit out of me by bringing some ab-clad men on stage in a more female-friendly way. I’m totally down for that.

If you need me, I’ll be fantasizing to “Pony” until March of 2017.


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